Give me some sugar. It’s right there on your lips.

Footprints together u& me

Footprints together u& me

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I want all of you.
Two Lovers Series

A bed time story

I collected all my stuff and put it in a basket like little red riding hood going to see grandma
Only difference is my grandma is dead gone a year now and the big bad wolf lays with me every night in bed
In my basket for safe keeping I put my heart and all my love too
It’s not safe with me anymore
I keep giving it back to the wolf all he does is lick his lips and devour it whole
No thank you or love in return
The last time I nearly died while he rolled over and slept like a man set free
Killers sleep well when they know their caught
Killers sleep well because they don’t care
So with my basket packed my last night here soon approaches
I have learned my lesson like grandma said beware of wolves who don’t kiss back

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Look and Move

From here I just see here
Even when I turn my head
I see just there
My view is too limited
It’s time to get up
Move around a bit
See something else
Here, there, everywhere

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Yes, please.
Two Lovers Series
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Short and sweet

Short and sweet

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